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  • Facts:
  • Recruitment agents are not interested in organising your visa.
  • When your CV arrives with an agency it will go straight into the deleted items folder if you do not have a work permit in place. 
  • By sending your CV directly to employers who have taken the time to register with the Home Office and to obtain a licence to employ migrant workers will improve your chances of a successful placement.
  • We offer  you the fastest way to find an UK visa sponsor guaranteed.

What we do:

  • We give you access to our powerful search engine containing the full list of UK employers who are currently registered with the Home Office to sponsor  migrant workers for visas
  • We offer a tailored list of UK Umbrella Companies who specifically focus on employing immigrants for contract work - these companies are looking for you right now!
  • We offer free step by step guide to finding employment in UK
  • We help with your CV preparation
  • We help with Covering Letter preparation
  • We help with your interview preparation
  • We can send your CV to prospective employers
  • We have done the legwork to find the companies that are looking to sponsor you so you don't have to
  • Our CV and Interview preparation specialists have been through 1000s of CVs and interviews and know what UK employers that can sponsor you are looking for
  • We offer 200% Money Back Guarantee

 For exclusive access to a carefully selected number of UK Visa Sponsors much more likely to sponsor you buy our SECRET LIST.


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