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How to cancel my subscription?
Log in your account from the home page. Once logged in, go to Your Status menu under the log in screen. Click on the subscription you want to cancel. Click on "Cancel your subscription" button. Once cancelled you will need to create a new account to access the UK Visa Sponsors database.


Can you get me a work permit?
No. We can only make your search for a UK work permit much easier by saving you an amazing amount of time. See our home page for more details.

Are you an agency?
No. We do not act as an immigration or job agency. We simply sell data we collected in order to help people get work permit sponsorship in the UK and provide services such as CV preparation, Interview preparation which aim to increase your chances of securing sponsorship.

Do you have a physical address?
No. We only operate as an internet business.

What is the eligibility criteria for Tier 2 visa / work permit?
You will need to consult an OISC accredited immigration advisor. We recommend

How long can I work in the UK on a Tier 2 visa / work permit?
Usually it is issued for 5 years. Although there are some exceptions.

Can you tell me about working through agencies for fixing me up with a company in the UK? Is it legal? What should I watch out for?
There are several consulting and placement agencies in the UK as well as outside, which may assist you in finding a job in the UK. Most of the agencies outside the UK and some in the UK charge a fee for their services. Their fee is several times higher than the fee that you pay to UK Visa Sponsors. Watch out for illegal operations which are under investigation for fraud and illegal representations. Do some research on the internet and check their background before advancing any money. In our opinion, you can quickly find a job in the UK on your own with the help of UK Visa Sponsors list.

Can you guarantee that employers listed in your list have current openings?
Please note that the employers listed in UK Visa Sponsors database are registered to be able to sponsor foreign professionals and skilled applicants. Therefore these employers are your best bet to contact. Also, note that several of these employers have web sites with job openings posted on them which you can reach from within the databases (full version). However, please understand that it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that you "will" get a job with Tier 2 sponsorship.

A word from the wise - UK employers generally maintain a pool of CVs in their HR (Human Resource) files which they receive from various sources; whenever they have an opening they first go through those CVs and consider suitable candidates for employment. Therefore, generally, it is when they can't find a suitable match that they will spend thousands of pounds on advertisements, commissions and fee to consulting or placement firms.

The key is that your CV be in that pool of resumes with an establishment open and willing to sponsor foreign professionals and skilled applicants.

Do you offer immigration advice?
No. We recommend OISC registered advisors

Can you give me a guarantee that I will get a job offer by using the list?
No. See our Guarantee page for the Guarantees we offer.

How can I make the payment?
We use a very well respected e-commerce solution partner, PayPal They offer excellent security protection measures for our clients. You do not need a PayPal account in order to make the payment as PayPal also offer credit/debit card processing at the checkout stage.



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