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CV Preparation


Your CV is your business card to prospective sponsors. Most employers will spend on average 2 minutes looking through it before they decide to bin it or read it in detail. First impressions count!



Why use our services: 

  • We will help you tailor your CV for the UK market specifically, and for the target job in particular, be it contract or permanent placement
  • Our CV editors have extensive HR experience in UK companies and employment agencies and a number of them specialise in contractor CVs
  • We offer 3 business days turnaround. If you don't get it on time you will get 110% of your money back.
  • If you are not happy with the result for whatever reason you are entitled to 110% of your money back


How much it costs: 

  • Our service costs £40.
  • What you get in return is a CV that is tailored for the UK market and in a format that is guaranteed to look appealing to sponsors and employers. 

To start please fill in the short form below and upload your CV{rsform 3}


Note:We recommend having separate CV for contractor and permanent positions to get best results from job applications. If you choose both, you will receive two versions of your CV, the second only costing half price.




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