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We offer a tailored list of UK Umbrella Companies and Agencies who specifically focus on employing immigrants for contract or permanent work  - these companies are looking for you right now!
All of these companies have taken the effort to register as sponsors specifically so they can hire foreign employees. If you have been offered a contract already or at the final stages of negotiation most of these companies will be very happy to sponsor you so you can work in UK through their company.

If you have not secured a contract yet these companies will be a lot more receiptive to your CV and will be glad to keep it in their database and consider you for any job opportunities they have. 


Why use our services:

  • We have spent significant amount of time and used our contacts to compile a list of Umbrella companies and employment agencies who are able and willing to sponsor you while you are working as a contractor in UK
  • Access to this list will allow you to contact companies who are looking to sponsor contractors right now, increasing your chance of securing a sponsorship manifold
  • These companies will be keen to look at your CV and keep it on their database to match your profile with opportunities they have
  • You gain immediate access to the list upon purchase
  • As usual our service is covered by our comprehensive 200% Guarantee

What you receive: A list of more than 150 UK Umbrella companies or other companies that specialise in recruitment of foreign nationals for contract or permanent work in UK and are able to sponsor you. The list contains company name, sector, location, brief company description and HR contact. 

Why we call it the SECRET List: This list is not publicly available and it will be your secret weapon to securing a visa sponsorship in UK. The companies on this list have already sponsored thousands of applicants and you could be next.

purchasePurchase the SECRET list now for immediate access!

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